24/7 Help Line, On site psychologist and  Case Management services by Ergonomia assist the employees, their family members and the Management to develop all the appropriate skills required to deal with challenging and complex situations related to both the professional and personal life of the employer. They are based on the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment-CBT standard and are implemented by the Ergonomia specialized psychologists and psychiatrists  network across Greece. Usual cases include : stress, depression, use of substances and other addictions (eg. smoking), illness and loss of relatives, return to work after a health related leave due to serious mental illness, ineffective communication with customers and colleagues, etc

The sessions are being conducted within a mutual trust framework, confidentiality and professional coherence.

In detail the services include :


  • 24/7 Help Line (free of charge call), including readily available psychologists of Ergonomia , who facilitate a first assessment of the case and if the employee is willing to, additional calls can be scheduled, in order to ensure a more fundamental assistance. If the specific case can not be handled within the telephone assistance framework, then it will be referred to a specialized health unit. In case the Ergonomia psychologist assesses that the employee support should be continued through face to face personal sessions, they can be arranged, for limited sessions, at the offices of the locally based psychologists. Finally in case of remote locations of the country, on-line sessions can be arranged


  • On site psychologist service. Pre-arranged personal sessions within the company’s protective environment


  • Case Management service. Consultative support of the Health and Safety and Human Relations executives by a specialized and experienced team of phycologists and physiatrists in order to handle and assist employees dealing with very intense personal situations