To evaluate the level of Safety Culture in a company, two basic concepts are used: the Safety Behavior and the Safety Climate.


Safety Behavior can be measured by observing the way the work is done through periodic inspections. The safety behavior indicators (i.e. compliance with the instructions and safe work procedures) are defined by each company according to the provisions of safety and health management system applied (regardless of whether it is certified according to a specific standard or not) and reflect the degree of Safe Conduct of the staff.
Safety Climate reflects beliefs of employees on work safety issues and is a function of personality and values of each employee. Obviously, Safety Behavior and the Safety Climate are linked. The instructions and safe work procedures are implemented to the degree the relative values and Safety Climate are embedded, and vice versa.Safety Climate cannot be measured through observation. Therefore,specific psychometric instruments are used for measuring the engagement of each employee for safe behavior.

Improving Safety Culture in a company depends on three main factors: compliance and commitment of staff to the Safety Policy in accordance with the company's OSH procedures, personality and individual characteristics of employee(people who tend on the basis of personal characteristics to unsafe behavior)and management commitment, recognizing that Safety is a Value, not merely a priority. The findings and conclusions following the assessment of the three above factors can lead to appropriate actions to improve the level of company Safety Culture.

The Program of Assessment and Improvement of Safety Culture proposed by Ergonomia is based on valid and proven methodology, through weighted psychometric tools. The service includes the conduct of Safety Climate Survey (on line) and the completion of the relevant questionnaire. The analysis of team behavior profileis followed by aggregating the results of the questionnaires in which risk behaviors are highlighted. Also, the report of group results of SafetyClimate survey is drafted. The results are presented at the management team and subsequently feedback or provision of informationis proposed on the results of the Safety Report on an individual level (Coaching), with the presence of our Consultant to discuss unsafe behaviors in relation todangerous actions or situations. Finally, if necessary, training on specific safetyissuesis proposed, focusing on areas that have emerged from the assessment.