Distance Learning presents an alternative fashion for the conduct of training seminars. Ergonomia responding to the demands of its clients offers corporate training seminars to the senior management and employees, easily and fast, without any compromise on the quality of training.

We are able to offer the following options:

  • E-Learning: Involves training in certain subjects that have been developed by Ergonomia in a visual environment in order to provide each trainee easy and explicit understanding of the topics covered. The presentation proceeds using flash-based slides, sketches, animation & video, narration and other modern means, forming a training package that is autonomous and can be accessed any time. Still, the trainee has access to supplementary digital content as well as the ability to interact with the supervisors of the service, electronically, throughout the training period.


  • Webinars: Involves the conduct of seminars, corporate or open, live, under the coordination of an Ergonomia's instructor. As in the case where the instructor is physically present in a training room, asynchronous education is conducted in a virtual room, where the instructor and the trainees are simultaneously online, each in front of hers/his own computer. The platform used is fully interactive giving the instructor the options to exploit many computer tools with the trainees, that would otherwise be difficult to do so.

Depending on the will and pace of the trainees


  • E-Learning

(a) Working Safely with the Personal Computer

(b) Manual Handling of Loads

(c) Fire Protection - Emergency Response 

  • Webinars

Ergonomia can organise various educational courses addressing the senior management or the employees of a company. Indicatively, the following subjects can be included:

  • General Occupational Safety & Health principles for senior management
  • Occupational Safety & Health Management in Construction, for Engineers and Project Managers
  • Special courses for the formation of Safety Officers

Ask for more information at +30 210 2773327 or at seminars@ergonomia.gr