20th Anniversary of Ergonomia: Message by the Chairman

Message by Mr Ilias Banoutsos

Chairman of the BoD

for the 20th Anniversary of Ergonomia



Since 1992, we remain committed to the needs of people at work and businesses who believe in their human potential.

  • We started as a small multidisciplinary team (production engineer-ergonomist, occupational physician). The professional collaboration of scientists of such different disciplines posed questions at the time.
  • We focused on the prevention of occupational risk as a starting point for applying the principles of ergonomics. That is how our name was coined.
  • For almost an entire 10 years period, our services were of very limited demand (5-10 clients). But we didn’t give up. On the contrary,
  • We worked tirelessly to develop a modern institutional framework in Greece for the prevention of occupational hazards.

Constant focus coupled with hard work led to the recognition of Ergonomia not only in our country, but abroad as well. Today, Ergonomia attracts in its ranks the most talented professionals.

Our initial small team is now replaced by a multidisciplinary experts group capable of responding to the complex Risk Management needs in many diverse sectors such as the construction of infrastructure projects, heavy industry, trade and tertiary.

Our services  are requested in the most diverse Risk Management circumstances. From the construction of the Rio – Andiron bridge, the prevention of explosive atmospheres in the cement industry and the safety management during the construction of the new refinery by Hellenic Petroleum (budget € 1,2 bn), to the annual coverage of more than 100,000 workers through our nationwide network of Safety Officers and Occupational Physicians and the psychological support for crisis management, as well as risk management for the Santana concert last year in Athens!

Always with dedication on reliability, quality and return on investment upon our services.

Our goal remains to create a safe, pleasant and productive working environment capable of facilitating the development of modern businesses. This goal by itself is a great challenge in today’s adverse conditions. We are excited by new challenges in a rapidly changing world. Preserving the key to success (teamwork, cooperation, interdisciplinarity) we continue working hard. We believe in the potential of our people and support their ongoing development. We sincerely thank them all for what we have achieved together.

We also thank our partners in business who select us constantly for more than 10 years, as well as those who entrust us for the first time. Nothing is obvious or taken for granted. The results have to be proven daily at the workplace.