It is a frequent event that constant ad hoc solutions in day-to-day problems in the workplace lead to the emergence of small scale, local intervention that when aggregated within the premises of a company to result to a very unordered workplace. Old equipment that is left over, equipment not in use to be in place, palletes of faulty products to occupy valuable storage space, all of them "just in case thery are needed, ever...") are just a few examples that can result to a workplace where noone really can tell which item is essential and which is not and nobody is able to decide whether what needs to be removed or not.

5s work organisation methodology was developed in Japan in order to provide solutions in this field. Through a 5-step systematic approach (the 5s: Straightening, Systematic cleaning, Standardising, Sustaining the discipline and often: Safety) "clean-up" the workplace from the unneeded, that is, the equipment that is no more necessary to exist. In the long run, this process frees valuable resources, increasing the employee's and the production facility's productivity and eventually results to reduction in production and operational cost.

Under the direction of a senior consultant of Ergonomia, we can design and implement a 5S program for any company in any sector.

In the field of Work Organisation Improvement, Ergonomia offers the following actions:

  • Collecting, Ordering, Clean-up and Standardisation of Equipment, Processes and Procedures
  • 5s methodology implementation
  • Monitoring of the outcome