Sampling and analysis of air pollutants is conducted in accordance with internationally accepted methodologies by applying suitable reference methods (ISO, EN. EPA, ASTM). The analysis of the samples apart from the gravimetric, is entrusted to specialized and accredited laboratories according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Measurements with isokinetic sampling system

The sampling device which is used consists of a titanium nozzle of appropriate diameter, titanium sampling probe incorporating tube pitot Type S, a filtered heating chamber, proper connection with scrubbers, a vacuum pump and finally suitable differential pressure gauge for adjusting isokinetic process. The sampling device is compatible with international standards (EN, ISO, EPA, VDI) for determining emission concentration from stationary sources.

Dust concentration determination (SPM)
The assembly used for the sampling of total suspended particulate matter (SPM) is in accordance with norm EN 13284-1:2002 / ISO 9096:2003 (out stack filtration). When sampling is used quartz fibre filter, 90mm diameter. Gravimetric analysis is carried out to determine the concentration of total particles, according to norm EN 13284-1 by the cooperating accredited laboratory.