Ergonomia specialises since 1992 in the prevention of Occupational Risk and has been established in Greece and abroad for the quality and innovation of the services offered to our clients. Having a long experience and a vast know-how, we support our clients in establishing the best occupational practices possible, to implement tried-out solutions, reliably and on high return.

On 2001, Ergonomia was the first company in Greece to acquire the Ministry of Labour's licence to provide external Occupational Safety & Health Services (EXYPP license).

The continuous improvement of its workforce, the internal training programs and the co-existence of junior engineers next to established professionals in the filed have created an enhusiastic multi-disciplined team that successfully offers practical solutions, answering the constant demand of our clients for safety, health and productivity.

Our People, Our Force

In cooperation with top educational institues and universities in Greece and abroad, we constantly seek for new methods we embody cutting-edge technologies and apply modern methodologies in our operations which have turned us into one of the most important knowledge nodes of Greece's technical world. Our consultants guarantee the provision of high-quality services, in front of the challenges posed by the complexity of modern work settings, new technologies in production and the increased demand in legislative compliance and standardisation, national or international.

Ergonomia 's international reputation led in 2004 in the acquisition of the majority of its market-shares by Accor Services. Five years later, the company was bought back by its founder and other Greek shareholders, more mature and strong than ever.

Striving to Evolve

In the course of time, our services always get improved and our portfolio is expanded to include Industrial Support (e.g. ATEX studies) and Process Safety, Employee Assistance Programs, Systemic Risk Management (e.g. event safety studies), Business Continuity & Crisis Management, Environmental Protection, Design & Implementation of Management Systems (quality, environment, safety & health, food safety, information security, etc.), Corporate Training and other consulting services. We apply a strict quality management system which has received the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, always striving to maintain high standards in customer support.

Today Ergonomia employes more than 40 people and has built a panhellenic network of 140 associates (safety engineers, occupational physicians, psychologists). Among its active clientle are included many large companies with aleading role in Industry, Energy Production, Construction, Telecoms, Services and Merchandise sectors.