ErgoWellbeing programs


For 30 years, Ergonomia has consistently placed Human in front, developing solutions and services to prevent occupational hazards, but also to create good working conditions.

The growing workplace demands require meeting the wider needs of employees. For this reason, we have created the ErgoWellbeing programs, which offer options that promote physical and mental health, as well as employees’ well-being.

The basic philosophy of ErgoWellbeing programs is that a good working environment improves the relationships among the employees, which upgrades the their lives  and increases their work efficiency.

The programs include services already offered by Ergonomia with great success, such as 24/7 Employees’ Help Line, Nutritional Counseling and the Smoking Cessation Programs. In addition, through a holistic approach with new actions, mental and physical health improvement, good working relationships and engagement are achieved.


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