Dangerous loads and substances are being transported every day by various means of transportation (land, sea or air). The most well-known categories of hazardous materials are:
• Flammable substances (fuels, solvents)
• Oxidants (bleach, metallic hybrids, etc.)
• Explosives (explosives, ammunition, nitrate fertilizers, etc.)
• Toxic substances (pesticides, chemicals, etc.)
• Radioactive substances
• Infectious substances (medical waste, etc.)
• Flammable pressurized material (liquefied petroleum gas, medical gases, etc.)
• Dangerous wastes
• Corrosive substances

Safe transportation of these dangerous goods begins by loading and ends up with the delivery to destination. According to Greek Legislation, businesses that are obliged to designate one or more ADR consultants, responsible for the prevention of the risks of ADR activities, include the following fields:

Road and rail transport of dangerous loads
• Loading and dismantling operations associated with such transportations



Under this scheme, Ergonomia, through its dedicated consultants, can provide to businesses all the necessary training and support that would make the transport of dangerous goods by road a safe process and would lead to:

• Protection of the environment in case of accidents or leaks
• Protection against negative advertising
• Protection of employees and business equipment
• Reduce operating costs
• Adoption of safe practices and behaviors
• Improving internal processes
• Reducing or eliminating accidents and their consequences



Ergonomia offers the following services of ADR Consultants:

1. Safe Transport of Dangerous Loads studies (ADR studies):

  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Prevention of material hazards (specifications and marking of packages and vehicle according to ADR Consultant, accident information, vehicle and driver protection equipment)


2. Training of transport personnel on issues related to the carriage of dangerous goods - Accord Dangerous Routier (ADR):

  • Classification of Dangerous Loads
  • Mixed Loading
  • LQ (Limited Quantities)
  • Partial exception according to par. ADR
  • Vehicle Marking and Vehicle Specifications
  • Written Guidelines for Vehicle Drivers