The success of an event depends on many factors. In the centre though lies the safety of the people attending it.

Ergonomia, having invested in human resources and expertise, has gradually built expert knowledge and experience in the management of the particular risks tha accompany large scale events, such as concerts, festivals etc. Applying all modern techniques and in cooperation with production teams, we guarantee the full support of every event as well as legislative compiance and satisfaction of the particular demands posed by tour production teams or the artists' crews.

  • Supervising Engineer services for the engineering project that accompanies any event (e.g. erection of ground supports, staging, PA towers, sound and light hoisting, firework displays, etc.)
  • Safety Coordinator Services during the planning and implementation of the engineering project behind the event
  • Emergency Response Plan for any venue (e.g. stadia, theatres, conference halls, etc.
  • Risk Assessments and Project Risk Assessment
  • Method Statements
  • Safety & Health Plan, tailor made to the specifics of the entertainment industry
  • Safe work at heights / Rigging Safety training, tailor made to the demands of professional riggers for the entertainment industry
  • Conduct - Update of Fire Protection studies when there is a change of use of a venue (e.g. stadium arenas when hosting spectators insead of athletes)
  • Venue suitability auditing
  • Security planning