How does "going green" contributes to the success of your company?

Prudent management and environmental protection on behalf of all companies irrespective of the sector it belongs to, out of the implementation of the proper methodology and modern techniques had always had positive impact on the company, beyond the mere legislative compliance that is due. The company then may choose to get certified for the methods it applies for the protection of the environment, to highlight its environmental awareness, adding also that way to its corporate image and presenting an additional competitive adnvantage.

Among the companies that have chosen  Ergonomia  are Hellenic Petroleum, Athenian Brewery, Schneider Electric, BP, PHILIP MORRIS (PAPASTRATOS). 

In the field of Environmental Protection, Ergonomia offers the following services: 

  • Environmental Protection Studies
  • Solid Waste Management Studies
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Studies
  • Management of gaseous pollutants studies
  • Design and Implementation of Environment related Management Systems
  • Environental Auditing
  • Environmental Measurements
  • Energy Audits