Ergonomia has the experience and the equipment to carry out preventive medical examinations as specified in Law 3850/2010, P.D.17/1996 and P.D.398/1994. These service aim is healthiness and wellbeing of employees to make a decisive contribution to a healthy working environment and to improve the overall social and economic indicators of each occupational activity.

Ergonomia’s preventive medical examinations are included:

  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Visual acuity measurement (Visiotest)

All the medical examinations can be carried out either in the company's workplace or at our office premises, by Ergonomia's scientific staff. The Ergonomia’s Occupational Medicine is under the supervision of Scientific Supervisor Dr. Athanasios Ntavelos.


The benefits of choosing Ergonomia’s Medical Exams are many including:


  • The medical exams can be carried out by experienced scientific staff.
  • They are evaluated by the Occupational Doctor and archived in accordance with medical confidentiality.
  • The high quality of medical devices for better reliability of results.