Falls from height are classified among the most significant occupational hazards. In Greece, they constitute the leading cause of fatal accidents (30%).

According to PD 395/94 as amended by Presidential Decree 155/04 and the L.3850/10:

  • Workers must be given adequate training specific to the operations envisaged, in particular on rescue procedures.
  • For each employee, the employer must have a Medical Certificate Suitability - for Work at Height.
  • The most suitable specific work equipment must be chosen to ensure and preserve safe working conditions.
  • Employees must use proper safety belt and be connected to the anchor point.
  • The working system must have safe means of ascent and descent and have a self-locking system to prevent the user falling in the case he loses control of his movements. The end result is to create a safe working environment, even for the most exposed positions.

Ergonomia, in cooperation with the leading manufacturers of construction and disposal of related equipment, affords complete solutions in the design and execution of works at height, from planning, installation up to the training of employees in accordance with International Standards.