The Occupational Risk Assessment (ORA) constitutes a fundamental employer’s duty (Law 3850/2010, Article 43) for all companies in the private or public sector, regardless of the number of employees and the sector of economic activity. ORA is, also, one of the most essential tools for optimal management for the prevention of work accidents, occupational diseases and for the promotion of wellbeing at work.

Ergonomia has developed a standard method for the elaboration of the Assessment of Occupational Hazards, which has become a widely accepted methodology that meets the requirements of European directives and the Greek legislation and has been included as an exemplar in the technical specifications of relevant auctions (EYDAP). This method has been applied successfully in thousands of installations of different sectors both in Greece and abroad.

The implementation of Occupational Risk Assessment by the experienced and specialized executives of Ergonomia, ensures for the enterprise:

  • Timely detection of occupational hazards in the workplace and timely implementation of the necessary safety precautions, before the consequences have become evident in business operation.
  • Identification of all burdened working conditions that constitute human work laborious, uncomfortable and inefficient.
  • Prioritization of occupational risks and determination of priorities for addressing them, in compliance with national legislation, the development of technology and business policy. In this way it is achieved to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Harmonization of Occupational Risk Assessment with the requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSH) of the company, rendering it a "tool" so as to take appropriate measures towards the continuous improvement of safety and health conditions in the workplace.