The safety signposting of workplaces informs, warns and ultimately prevents occupational hazards to which the personnel are exposed. The installation of an optimal safety system constitutes employer's obligation according to the Presidential Decree (P.D. 105/1995), since the existent or potential risks cannot be avoided or adequately reduced by technical means for collective protection or by other measures, methods or procedures of work organization.  Much more, however, constitutes responsibility towards the employees and visitors of any company and contributes to the creation of the sense of a well-organized and responsible business entity.

Ergonomia, affording knowledge and experience in planning and prevention of occupational hazards undertakes the study of the requirements of the workplace and the drawing up of the safety signposting in workplace, so as those requirements in means of signposting be identified and in function with ergonomic principles regarding siting, then the final planning arises.

In the field of safety signposting Ergonomia provides the following services:

  • Escape routes signposting - Emergency Signposting Planning & Design.
  • Industrial Areas & Offices safety signposting.
  • Construction sites & Construction works signposting.
  • Warehouse Signposting & Striping.
  • Traffic Signposting for Industrial Areas.
  • Hazardous Materials Labeling.