Based on the ATEX directives, their corresponding harmonized European standards and the applicable legislation for Explosion Prevention & Protection, companies are obliged to identify and assesse Explosion risks and take measures to protect employees, facilities and environment.

The Industrial Security Dpt. of Ergonomia has many years of experience in the field of explosion protection and has prepared more than 150 studies in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, FYROM, Egypt and the UAE. These studies have been reviewed and approved by both the competent authorities and technical departments of multinational groups. Ergonomia' s vast experience covers all industry sectors, such as petroleum, natural gas, cement, building materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, beverages, chemicals, etc.

Ergonomia's team of highly qualified and specialized engineers provides the following services in the field of explosion protection:

  • Elaboration of the Explosion Protection Document.
  • Risk analysis of flammable materials.
  • Hazardous Areas Classification (zone classification).
  • Explosion risk assessment.
  • Proposals of technical and organizational risk reduction measures.
  • Suitability audit of existing equipment (by ATEX certified personnel).
  • Periodic inspection of explosion proof (Ex type) equipment (by ATEX certified personnel).
  • Definition of standards for the selection and installation of new equipment.
  • Safety verification of new facilities prior to startup.
  • Design Consultation and Technical File preparation for Equipment Certification according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.
  • Emergency planning.
  • Personnel Explosion Protection trainining.