Ergonomia' s Safety Coordinator offers significant added value to the business by preventing workplace accidents, the application of good health and safety practices in construction projects. They are up to date regarding their obligations and they submit in writing or verbally instructions and suggestions to the management team regarding the health and safety of the employees and the prevention of workplace accidents.

Employer’s duties

The role of Safety Officer is one of the main employer’s duties (Law 305/1996) and is set by the main contractor of the project. He/she is responsible for the coordination of all the related activities and subcontractors while adopting good safety and health practices in all three phases of the project, design, construction and commission

Safety Coordinator services

During the Design Phase:

· He/she compiles the health and safety plan and folder in collaboration with the designers
· He/she incorporates the general health and safety principles in all architectural, technical and organizational aspects of the project in order to avoid workplace accidents due to the simultaneous or successive works carried out by multiple contractor

During the Construction Phase:

· He/she updates the health and safety plan and folder that has been completed in the design phase or a new one is created
· He/she coordinates the contractors, subcontractors and self employed and he/she informs them of their duties
· Working together with the safety officer and occupational physician, he/she oversees the collaboration of all contractors and supervises their trainining
· He/she contributes in the planning of organizational and technical choices of the project in order to prevent accidents involving the workers as well as members of the public
· He/she ensures that access is only permitted to those working at the site

Choosing Ergonomia for your Safety Coordinator Services

Ergonomia, with more than 25 years experience in Occupational Safety and Health, can support your construction project through a Pan-Hellenic network of safety coordinators which is guided, checked and supported by senior executives in order to be able to effectively prevent occupational illnesses and provide up-to-date information to management.

Benefits of Ergonomia’ s Safety Coordinator

The benefits of choosing Ergonomia’ s Safety Coordinator are many and include:
· Avoiding occupational accidents and promoting a safe workplace environment
· Avoiding fines and construction interruptions