According to the Presidential Decree 17/96, the obligation to employ a Safety Officer has been expanded to include contractors and construction consortia with even one salaried.

The Safety Officer documents hers/his findings in the "Recommendations Book" and the foreman of the construction site has to acknowledge them in writing.

  • Consulting in the planning of work, the selection of the Personal Protective Equipment, the safe design of work places within the site and the prevention of occupational accidents
  • Inspections on the safety of equipment, power motor vehicles and work methods
  • Supervision of the site safety and health conditions, the implementation of safety measure and tactical auditing of every work setting
  • Documentation of hers/ his findings - Reporting to the employer upon safety gaps
  • Accident Investigation
  • Site Emergency Plan drafting and the conduct of emergency drills
  • Employees' awareness on the occupational risks they are exposed to
  • Contributes to the training plan of the employees
  • Liaise with the Occupational Phsysician