The improvement in the operations of a company is a goal per se. Problems identified in work organisation or production, the increased number of faulty or out of specifications products, immediately raised cost-related issues, problems with customer service and eventually spill the corporate image, threatening its business continuity. Then, the improvement in quality, operations and products of a company is a goal that once reached and sustained can only have a positive impact.

Six Sigma business strategy methodology is the most reknown in the field and guaranteed a flawless production by eliminating the causes of faulty products, production failures, etc. Still though, the design and implementation of such a programme calls for special skills and expertise and demands the close cooperation between the consultant and the company.

Under the direction of our senior consultant, certified with the, and through the cooperation with senior management, we manage to achieve the overall improvement of quality, resulting to complete and sustainable solutions.


Ergonomia offers the following services:

  • Problem diagnosis, Documentation of Quality problems
  • Measurement, Analysis and Implementation of the Six Sigma methodology
  • Monitoring of implemented interventions