Occupational Physician


The Occupational Physician services provided by Ergonomia offer significant added value to any business by preventing occupational diseases and by contributing to the creation of a healthy and motivating workplace environment. These services include all duties postulated by relevant regulations in Greece.

Employer’s duties

The provision of Occupational Physician services is one of the main employer’s duties (Law 3850/2010) for businesses employing more than 50 persons. An Occupational Physician is also required in businesses with fewer employees, when work activities involve exposure to harmful agents, like asbestos and carcinogens. He/she visits all premises on an annually pre-defined schedule notified to the labour inspectorate in advance and posted in the premise. The minimum hours the Occupational Physician spends at each premise is determined by its manpower and the risk rating of the work activities.

The Occupational Physician instructs employees to avoid health hazards and if required submits proposals to management in oral or in writing which are recorded in the special log-book authorised by the labour inspectorate. The employer takes notice of these written proposals by proof of signature. The Occupational Physician adheres to the medical confidentiality.

Occupational Physician Services

  • Consulting on preventive and protective measures on occupational health issues relevant to the work activities and organizing first-aid provision.
  • Inspecting the working conditions and the workplace in general and reporting to the employer of any omissions.
  • Clinical examination of the employees following their hiring and issuing a “fit for work certificate” which is handed over to the employer.
  • Repeating medical examinations, should work activity changes make it necessary.
  • Investigating the causes of occupational diseases, if any.
  • Informing the employees of the hazards associated with their work as well as the preventive measures that need to be in place.

Choosing Ergonomia for your Occupational Physician Services

Ergonomia, with more than 30 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety, is capable of providing Occupational Physicians services to your enterprise through a Pan-Hellenic network which is guided, checked and supported by senior executives in order to be able to effectively prevent occupational illnesses and provide up-to-date information to management.

Benefits of Ergonomia’s Occupational Physician Services

The benefits of choosing Ergonomia’s Occupational Physician services are many including:

  • Efficient legal compliance
  • Minimisation of lost working hours due to illnesses and accidents
  • Promoting employee’s loyalty and a “caring for its employees” corporate profile since the caring of the business for its employees is actively demonstrated



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