Safety Officer in Construction Projects

Safety Officer in  Construction

The Safety Officer services provided by Ergonomia offer significant added value to any construction business by preventing workplace accidents and by contributing to the application of good health and safety practices and the creation of a safe work environment. These services include all duties postulated by relevant regulations in Greece.

Employer’s duties

The employment of a Safety Officer in a Construction Project is a basic legal obligation (Law 3850/2010, article 8) for all companies in the private or public sector that are active in construction projects. The Safety Officer is one of the most essential persons for the improvement of working conditions in the construction site and provides the services in accordance with the applicable requirements of the legislation and specifically of the P.D. 17/1996 and P.D. 294/1988, as they were codified by Law 3850/2010.

Safety Officer Services in Construction:

The Safety Officer consults the employer with instructions and advice, written or verbal, on issues related to the health and safety of employees and the prevention of any occupational accidents.


  • Advises on the work planning, on the personal protective equipment, the provision of safe workplaces and in general for the prevention of accidents.
  • Checks the safety of project equipment and the work methods.
  • Supervises working conditions and the implementation of safety and accident prevention measures with regular inspections of workplaces and prepares a report to the employer on any omissions.
  • Investigates the causes of accidents.
  • Supervises the conducting of fire safety and alarm drills.
  • Informs employees about the occupational risk of their work
  • Participates in the preparation and implementation of training programs.
  • Collaborates with the Occupational Physician

In addition to the above services, Ergonomia can:

  • Elaborate a full Occupational Risk Assessment (ORA) of the works and the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) of the construction site, upon request

Choosing an Ergonomia’s Safety Officer

Ergonomia, with more than 30 years experience in Occupational Health and Safety, is capable of providing Safety Officer services  through a Pan-Hellenic network which is guided, checked and supported by senior executives in order to be able to effectively prevent occupational hazards and prevent accidents.

Benefits of Ergonomia’s Safety Officer:

The benefits of choosing Ergonomia’s Safety Officer services are many including:

  • Efficient legal compliance
  • Minimization of accidents in the workplace
  • Promoting employee’s loyalty and a “caring for its employees” corporate profile since the caring of the business for its employees is actively demonstrated


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