Industrial Ergonomics

εργονομική μέτρηση

Ergonomia offers a wide range of consulting ergonomic services that can be applied in industrial settings. Our ergonomists having long experience provide Ergonomics knowledge to employees in offices or manufacture and simultaneously personalized counseling to each employee.

Ergonomic Assessment

In many industrial settings accidents and musculoskeletal disorders often occur due to manual handling activities and repetitive tasks. When such activities take place in an industrial setting, an ergonomic assessment must be conducted guided by internationally accepted tools (e.g. M.A.C. and A.R.T. tools) in order to minimize the risk associated with these activities.

Ergonomic Interventions

Our experienced ergonomists having long experience in production facilities in all sectors, design ergonomic solutions that can change the workplace in a safe, comfortable and productive place to work. Examples of our interventions are the following:

  • Thermal Comfort and Heat Stress Plans in Industry or Construction projects during summer time.
  • Evaluation of workstations in order to early identify the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders development.
  • Manual Handling of Loads, training programs.

Ergonomia excelled in 2007 being awarded the “Safety and Health at Work - European Good Practice Awards” for "The study of ergonomical improvements of the workstations in transformer coil winding machines in the Scheider-Electric Oinofyta factory".


Safety & Ergonomics