At a glance

Our vision, our scope, our history

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For the last 30 years, Ergonomia has been a pioneer in Occupational Health and Safety in Greece specialized in the prevention of occupational and industrial risk, and in 2001 it obtained the first in Greece, license of practicing external consulting services regarding the prevention of occupational risk. The international recognition of Ergonomia led in 2004 to the acquisition of a majority stake by the international company Accor Services, and five years later the company was acquired again by its founder, more mature and stronger.

Our mission

Ergonomia has established itself in Greece and abroad for the quality and innovation of its services and is a pioneer in digital transformation. Leveraging many years of experience and the knowledge of its executives, it assists companies to formulate good practices and implement proven solutions, with consistency and return on investment.

The continuous development of its qualified staff, the internal training programs and the coexistence of young engineers next to established professionals in the field, have created an enthusiastic interdisciplinary team, which successfully offers practical solutions to the constant demand of businesses for safety, health and productivity.

Our vision and our people

People of Ergonomia are inspired by its founder's vision of creating a culture of health and safety in the workplace. In collaboration with leading educational institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad, they constantly look for new methods to integrate cutting-edge technologies and apply modern methodologies in our daily operations. This resulted in Ergonomia being considered one of the most important Companies in the field of Knowledge Enterprise in the technical world of Greece.

Our company’s consultants serve as our pledge of quality in the challenges posed by the complexity of modern work systems, new technologies in production and the increasing requirements for legislative compliance and standardization, in a national or European context.

Nowadays, Ergonomia employs more than 50 people, while it has a nationwide network of more than 140 external partners. Its active clientele includes hundreds of large enterprises in the industrial sector, energy and renewable energy sector, construction projects, telecommunications, service businesses and trading companies.

We are constantly evolving

During all these years, our services are constantly expanding and include industrial safety and support (e.g. ATEX studies), Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), risk management (e.g. crowd management plan) , business continuity & crisis management, environmental protection, development of management systems (safety & health, quality, environment, food safety, etc.), staff Training and other Business Consultant services.

To ensure the quality of its services and processes, Ergonomia has a Integrated Management System, certified according to ISO Quality Standards (Quality -ISO 9001:2015, Environment-ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health & Safety-ISO 45001:2015, Information Security - ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and Anti-Bribery - ISO 37001:2016) keeping abreast of the requirements of consistency and reliability from its customers.