Safety & Health Plan and File

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The Safety & Health Plan (SHP) and the Safety & Health File (SHF) is a legal obligation for the management of Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) in construction projects.

SHP - Safety & Health Plan

  • It is carried out by the safety coordinator during the design stage of the project and it is used throughout the construction phase.
  • It incorporates accident prevention measures in all stages and decisions of the project and it is used to coordinate and guide all the involved contractors.
  • It includes the Risk Assessment of the project
  • For every stage of the construction, there are method statements for all the types of work that are undertaken. The potential hazards and preventive measures associated with each type of work are also included.

SHF- Safety & Health File

Its purpose is to identify, prevent and minimize the hazards that employees may face during maintenance, transformation or demolition of the project. Among others it includes:

  • The register of the project including the technical specifications
  • Guidelines, notes and other safety and health related information that need to be taken into account in future works. These include planned and emergency repair works, cleaning, addition or even demolition of parts of the project etc
  • SHF is completed alongside the project and it is handed to the owner of the project or the client


SMS - Safety Management System

The Occupational Safety & Health Management System was adopted by the Ministry of Public Works for all public construction projects. It includes the following:

  • A Policy Statement on Safety & Health
  • Safety Procedures and Safe Work Instructions for the employees working at the project

In large-scale private construction projects, a Safety & Health Management System is due and can be implemented, as in the case described above.


Ergonomia offers the following services:

  • Safety & Health Plan elaboration, for any construction project
  • Preliminary Safety & Health File, to be used during the initiation of a construction project
  • Final Safety & Health File, during the project's deliverance to the client
  • The implementation of an Occupational Safety & Health Management System, either for public or large-scale private projects


Occupational Safety & Health in Construction