ATEX equipment inspection

μηχανικός μπορστά σε εργοστάσιο

Legislation Framework

When industrial facilities handle or store flammable substances (e.g Chemical and Oil & Gas industry or facilities with combustible dusts or hybrid mixtures), the elimination of any source of ignition is a major and critical condition for ensuring Safety.

According to the European ATEX Directives (ΑΤΕΧ 137_99/92/EC and ΑΤΕΧ 114_2014/34/ΕU), equipment installed in areas with a risk of potentially explosive atmospheres, shall be ATEX certified and appropriately selected based on the requirements of the Explosion Protection Document (EPD), or commonly ‘’ATEX Study’’, as well as of the applicable standards.

To assure and maintain the initial level of protection, periodical inspections shall be carried out, in order to ensure proper installation, maintenance and continuous safe operation of the installed ATEX equipment, as provided by the manufacturer. These inspections shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable European and International standards by experienced and competent personnel to these standards.

Our Services

Inspection of electrical equipment in Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX)

The Industrial Safety Department of Ergonomia, with significant expertise and long experience in Explosion Prevention and Protection, consists of certified electrical engineers for the selection, installation, inspection and maintenance process of ATEX electrical equipment (CompEx Ex01-04), as well as certified Responsible Persons (CompEx14).

What we provide:

  • Inspection of electrical installation and equipment in accordance with the standards EN-60079-14 and 17 by certified inspectors
  • The preparation of ATEX equipment asset register
  • Delivery of inspection reports according to EN-60079-17, as well as technical study with report of the non-conformities and findings accompanied with proposals of corrective actions.
  • After the implementation of the corrective actions from the client, re-audits are carried out to assess and confirm compliance

Inspection of non-electrical equipment in Explosive Atmospheres at (ATEX)

Inspection of non-electrical equipment (e.g. pumps, gear boxes, pistons, hydraulic and pneumatic motors, compressors, couplers, etc) is based on EN ISO 80079-36 and 37 standards.

Regarding ATEX non-electrical equipment, the inspection assesses the suitability of equipment considering the Area Classification in which it is installed and the flammability characteristics of the processing hazardous substances (temperature class, gas group etc), based on the requirements of the Explosion Protection Document (ATEX Study). In addition, the condition of equipment in terms of protection against corrosion or other environmental factors and the level of maintenance is assessed.

Regarding non-electrical equipment without ATEX certification, an ignition risk assessment is carried out, with the aim of identifying all potential sources of ignition that may arise. The ignition risk assessment considers the likelihood and efficiency of each ignition source, in relation to the flammability characteristics of the materials being handled.  


The experience of Ergonomia in highly demanding projects, as well as the high-quality level of deliverables we expect to provide to our clients, led to the development of the «ErgoATEX» software, an integrated tool for inspecting and monitoring equipment installed within ATEX areas. This tool enables the digital recording of all inspection data and results and their integration into a central database with the aim of more efficient management.


Through this software tool, facility managers can directly and supervisory:

  • Export data, reports, and statistical indicators both for the whole and for individual parts of the equipment
  • Evaluate findings and non-compliances
  • Prioritize the corrective remedial actions and effectively monitor their implementation status
  • Define responsible persons and assign corrective actions
  • Schedule re-audits
  • Maintain historical data and archives
ErgoAtex In-Out

A key advantage of the digital recording of all information in a central database is the essential synergy of the inspectors with the facilities managers in every phase of the project implementation. It also facilitates sharing, delegating and monitoring the implementation of actions, while saving time as all reports, statistics and KPIs are automatically exported from the platform.

Clients’ benefits

  • Enhancing the safety level of the facility
  • Compliance with International and European Standards and legislation
  • Implementation of targeted interventions and ranking of priorities
  • Sustainability of investments through proper maintenance of ATEX equipment based on European Standards
  • Client’s assurance: Ergonomia’s services are covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance, complying with and exceeding the requirements of the legislation
  • High Quality of provided Services:
    • Our engineers are continuously trained and informed on the latest regulations and standards
    • Implementation of studies in a systematic way
    • Cooperation with other services of Industrial Safety Department in order to completely cover the needs of the project
  • Reliability using specialized software packages




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