ATEX equipment certification

ATEX motor

The European Directive 2014/34/EU, also known as ATEX 114, includes the requirements for devices and protective systems that are intended for use in Explosives Atmospheres.

According to the requirements of this Directive, electrical equipment intended to be installed in Zone 0 or 1, shall be certified from a Notified Body. The Notified Body is responsible to:

  1. Examine and evaluate the conformity of the submitted Technical File of the product
  2. Conduct the required tests in an accredited laboratory
  3. Assess the quality system of the production process as provided by the corresponding paragraphs of the directive in order to assign the "Ex" designation to the product and the corresponding explosion protection class

Regarding electrical equipment intended to be installed in Hazardous Areas classified as Zone 2, the directive requires the creation of a Technical Compliance Documentation File for the explosion protection product and internal production control.  

Regarding non-electrical equipment intended to be installed in Hazardous Areas classified as ‘’Zone 0’’, similarly as for electrical equipment, the following are required: submission of the Technical Compliance Documentation File to a Notified Body for examination and evaluation, implementation of the required tests by the Notified Body and examination of the production quality system.

Regarding ‘’Zone 1’’ non-electrical equipment, it is necessary to submit the technical file for safekeeping to a Notified Body, while for "Zone 2" non-electrical equipment only the compilation and safekeeping of the Technical File by the manufacturer is required.

Regarding ATEX equipment of all Groups and Categories that belong to the «Unit Verification scheme», the involvement of the Notified body into the certification procedure is necessary (Annex IV of the ATEX Directive)


Ergonomia, within the framework of the ATEX services it provides, fully undertakes the following:

  • Consulting support in the identification of the required standards that the explosion protective product should meet
  • Arrangements and communication with the "Notified Body" of the customer's choice. It is mentioned that Ergonomia co-operates with a Greek Notified Body for the best facilitation and support of the local manufacturers
  • Guiding the client against the wide range of requirements of the relevant standards regarding explosion protection and the required tests, finding accredited laboratories that can carry out these tests and all the corresponding agreements and communications.
  • The preparation and compilation of the technical documentation file together with the required plans - calculations required by the relative applicable standards. Depending on the explosion protection class of the product, it is undertaken to submit the file for evaluation to the relevant NB of the customer's choice and follow the certification process until the final performance of the "Ex" mark on the product, or simple submission for safekeeping.
  • The provision of information regarding technical aspects and the requirements of the up-to-date legislation and standards, so that in case of mandatory changes to the product, the client will be notified in time.
  • Compilation of Product Operation Instructions based on the requirements of the Legislation
  • Providing Consulting for the Upgrade of the Quality Management System of the production process according to EN ISO 80079-34 for the Production of Equipment suitable for explosive atmospheres.


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