Lock out - Tag out - Try out (LOTOTO)


The Lock Out – Tag Out process allows us to safely isolate and mark the isolation point of energy source of a machine or of an installation (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.), to eliminate the risk of unexpected start up or energization. The above procedure should always precede maintenance.

Ergonomia provides comprehensive services for LOTOTO "tailor made" procedures, both for production lines as well as individual parts of equipment.

A typical LOTOTO (Lock Out – Tag Out – Try Out) procedure concerns all the required steps and actions to be followed for the safe stop and de-energization of all or part of the equipment comprising an installation, together with the prevention of its intentional or unintentional start up, a situation that would endanger the workers during maintenance or servicing work.

A LOTOTO process includes the following stages:

  • Prepare the equipment and review all the associated documentation, risk assessment and Safe Working Practice, as well as the required permits for work
  • Notify all the affected individuals
  • Turn off, shut-down and de-energize the equipment
  • Isolate the equipment from all sources of energy and set it safely to a "zero energy state".
  • Apply Locks and Tags to each isolation point
  • Check the isolation of the equipment and test if start-up of equipment is disabled at all possible starting points, to ensure that unexpected start-up is prevented
  • Test run of the device, where the isolation points are partially removed in order for the operating personnel to perform the necessary equipment functions for the operation.
  • Perform Task
  • Restart the device and put it into production. During this stage the removal and collection of locks, restoration of breaks and ensuring that all LOTOTO equipment has been removed from the machines is carried out in a completely controlled manner.

The Industrial Safety Department of Ergonomia is highly experienced in providing Machinery Safety services, having to its portfolio the implementation of numerous projects of safety evaluation and upgrading of machines and production lines, regarding the "zero access” and "CE" mark requirements. Upon the aforementioned requirements, the provision of fixed points of isolation, "blinding" and locking of start-up of machinery during maintenance activities, are crucial and mandatory requirements to ensure safety. Ergonomia provides integrated services of a LOTOTO procedures for machinery production lines as well as individual parts of equipment.

More specifically, Ergonomia can undertake:

  • Develop and document LOTOTO procedures based on the applicable international standards and work directives (EN ISO 14118:2018 Safety of machinery – Prevention of unexpected start-up, OSHA 1910.147 - The control of hazardous energy (Lock out / Tag out), ANSI ASSP Z244.1 2016 The control of hazardous energy Lock out Tag out and alternative methods, NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace).
  • Provision of instructions for the inclusion of the LOTOTO process within an integrated “work permit” program applied in the facility. In the case where there are no existing "work permit" issuance procedures, we undertake to conduct these procedures, as well as the corresponding methodology and forms for the LOTOTO process
  • Specification for the " locking and isolation" means and equipment, accompanied with detailed description and instruction of application.
  • Provision of detailed instruction for the safe implementation of the Lock-Out / Tag-Out / Try-Out procedures
  • Development and implementation of a customized Lock-Out/Tag-Out/Try-Out Training Program for the Staff for the successful application of procedures



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