Facilities & Equipment

We invest steadily and efficiently


Ergonomia has special equipment to carry out the measurements needed to assess occupational risk. The equipment is up to date and regularly calibrated, according to the manufacturer's requirements. The qualified professionals who carry out measurements are trained and use each time the appropriate methodology, while they are supervised by the Occupational Safety Scientific Supervisor, Mr. Elias Spiliopoulos, MEng. Ergonomia performs measurements on physical & chemical agents (See also physical, chemical and biological agents measurement services), grounding test and insulation resistance measurement, diagnostics of thermal insulation.


Additionally, having appropriate medical equipment, specialized Occupational Physicians and occupational health visitors, carry out medical examinations of personnel, such as: visual acuity examination (visiotest), spirometry, audiometry, etc. The responsibility for the medical examinations of personnel is the occupational physician Mr. Athanasios Davelos, by law Occupational Medicine Scientific Supervisor.