Electrical Drawings - Diagrams

Ηλεκτρολογικά Σχέδια

The existence of up to date "as built" electrical drawings and diagrams is required by legislation so that all the circuits of an installation and the corresponding protection and control devices are clearly identifiable, ensuring reliability and safety of operations.

Employee’s safety and especially of those involved in the repair and/or preventive maintenance activities, requires the existence of updated electrical drawings, in order to ensure equipment is properly isolated, as well as the avoidance of any unintended activation or start-up.

The Electrical Safety Department of Ergonomia undertake to:

  • Review, update or prepare the single-line electrical drawings of an installation according to the ELOT EN 61082 and ELOT EN 61346-1 Standards
  • Review, update or prepare the single-line, multi-line and/or automation electrical drawings of the electrical panes installed within the facility.




Industrial Safety