Industrial Ergonomics

Ergonomia offers a wide range of consulting ergonomic services that can be applied in industrial settings. Our ergonomists having long experience provide Ergonomics knowledge to employees in offices or manufacture and simultaneously personalized counseling to each employee.

Ergonomic Assessment of Workstations

Complaints about backaches, eye strain, hand-ache or cases of musculoskeletal disorders may indicate inadequate initial design of the sites and workstations of a workplace. In such cases, the equipment must be ergonomically assessed and subsequent interventions should be performed.

Ergonomia’s experienced ergonomists with high qualifications and knowledge are capable of providing substantial support in the selection process or the evaluation of work equipment, office furniture, workplaces, buildings suitability and software usability assessment.

Emergency Response Plan

The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) constitutes a fundamental legal obligation of the employer (Law 3850/2010, article 30, paragraph. 1). ERP should be updated and regularly tested through drills, so as in the event of emergency to ensure safe escape of employees and third parties.